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Double accumulator

Bet: W2(inc. OT)
CA Penarol has won in 8 of the last 9 LUB games.
Bet: Both Teams To Score(Yes)
Deportivo Saprissa has scored and conceded in 6 of the last 7 Primera Division - Clausura games.
Total odds

Double Accumulator on Football

Bet: Both Teams To Score(Yes)
Isidro Metapan has scored and conceded in each of their last 6 Primera Division, Clausura games against Aguila.
Bet: Total 1 Under(2.5)
Deportivo Saprissa has scored less than 2.5 goals in each of their last 4 Primera Division - Clausura home games.
Total odds

Double Accumulator on Hockey

Bet: W1
Calgary Flames has won (in reg.time) in 7 of the last 8 AHL games.
Henderson Silver Knights has lost (in reg.time) in each of their last 6 AHL away games.
Bet: W1
Coachella Valley Firebirds has won (in reg.time) in each of their last 5 AHL home games.
Total odds

Over/Under Double Acca

Bet: Total Over(5.5)
There have been Over 5.5 goals scored (in reg.time) in 8 of the last 9 San Diego Gulls home games in the AHL.
Bet: Total 1 Over(0.5)
Chuncheon FC has scored in 12 of the last 13 games.
Total odds

BTTS Double Acca

Bet: Both Teams To Score(Yes)
Sporting San Jose has scored and conceded in each of their last 5 games against Liga Deportiva Alajuelense.
Sporting San Jose has scored and conceded in 14 of the last 16 home games.
Sporting San Jose has scored and conceded in each of their last 9 Primera Division - Clausura games.
Bet: 3 Period, Both Teams To Score(Yes)
Coachella Valley Firebirds has scored and conceded in the 3d period in each of their last 5 AHL games.
Total odds

High Odds Double Acca

Bet: X
Criciuma has tied a draw in 5 of the last 6 Catarinense away games.
Bet: Total 1 Under(1.5)
FAS has scored less than 1.5 goals in 7 of the last 8 Primera Division, Clausura games.
Total odds

Low Odds Double Acca

Bet: 1X
Deportes Tolima has not lost in each of their last 12 home games against Millonarios.
Bet: W1
Alianza has won in 7 of the last 8 home games against Jocoro FC.
Jocoro FC has lost in 6 of the last 7 away games.
Total odds

Double accumulator tips

The double accumulator is a wager that combines two selections. You add events to a single voucher to create a winning chain. It is important to remember only one rule: the loss of any selection in the accumulator will result in the loss of the entire wager.

Different Types of Accumulator Tips

Among other sports, our website contains Accas for football, ice hockey, basketball, and tennis. As a result, our consumers now have access to a significantly greater variety of possibilities.
The key advantage of double parlays over singles is increased odds, which explains why players are more drawn to it. Our website provides access to:
  • Result;
    Users can select both home win and draw outcomes or away win and draw results in the double chance betting. This provides you with two chances for your choice to be successful.
  • Total;
    The sportsbook chooses a statistical marker, such as the number of goals, penalties, and so on. The bettor has to predict whether or not the teams will go over or under this rate.
  • Handicap;
    One player has a conditional, artificial edge over another. The bettor attempts to guess the number of games in which the team will win the contest.
  • Btts;
    A Both Teams To Score bet is a one-of-a-kind wager in which you do not need to forecast the outcome of the game to profit. Simply pick if you believe both sides will score during a match.
  • Bet of the day;
    Collecting a stake from the bets of the day fantastic approach since such parlays are usually very well analyzed, allowing you to depend on a great result.
  • Treble;
    A treble bet is a sort of Acca gamble that combines three separate selections (or "legs," as they are often known) into one.
  • Mega;
    A mega bet has huge odds to grow your bankroll significantly. Pick 5 or 6 options, occasionally more, with the objective of achieving high winnings with little stakes.
  • High odds;
    High-odds parlays entail wagering on ice hockey with larger payouts. Greater odds bets are less likely to win. However, if your wager is successful, the return will be enormous.
  • Low odds.
    Low odds raise the ultimate odds, which will succeed since small wagers have a high chance of winning. Remember that all of your low odds will double, giving you good odds in the end.


How to bet double accumulator?

To begin, choose the options that you wish to combine into an express. You must pick the kind of bet - express - on the voucher. After all of the essential outcomes have been chosen, they are entered into the bookmaker's coupon.

How to play double accumulator bets?

To win consistently, you must follow all of the same rules as with other types of bets. It is vital to properly prepare for each match, scrutinizing every detail, adhering to your selected strategy, and understanding when to quit and when to continue playing. Remember to use accumulator double tips when putting your bets.

How to do double accumulator bets?

You might think about double parlays for a few different reasons. The first is that, if used correctly, they may significantly increase earnings compared to wagering on individual outcomes. If you're the sort of bettor who consistently picks heavy favorites, this strategy might be a wonderful method to boost your winnings.
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