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What is water polo?

Water polo is a swimming version of handball in several aspects. There are 7 versus 7 players in the pool. The object of the game is to chuck the ball into the water-filled goal of your opponent. Both water polo and ice hockey have a high frequency of changes that are almost unlimited. Water polo is becoming more popular across the globe, however not as much as football or baseball. Wet handball is notably popular in the United States, Australia, Italy, Croatia, Spain, and Hungary. Scores24 provides free betting tips and various water polo today online statistics. But first, let's see what kinds of water polo bets are available.

Types of water polo bets

Our specialists advise that you pay attention to the sorts of bets listed below:
  • Outright. Predict which team will win the tournament outright.
  • Winner. Predict which side will win the match by selecting a winner. There is also the possibility of a tie, which is quite uncommon in water polo and so pays out very highly.
  • Total Score (Over/Under bets) - anticipate whether the total number of goals scored by both sides will be more than or less than the bookmakers' estimate.
  • Handicap — the team that is regarded the underdog by the oddsmakers is given a goal advantage, such as 1.5, 2.5, or other. Half-goals remove the possibility of a tie. As a result, the odds of both sides winning the match are about equal.
  • The first team to score a goal is the winner. The squad that scored the most goals. Odd or even number of goals scored in the match.

Tips for water polo betting

A good goalie is a ticket to victory. Choose the squad with a skilled goalie. The goaltender is three times as crucial as any other player in water polo. This position entails performing the following tasks: predicting and blocking shots as the goalie, warning the teammates about imposing threats and defensive gaps as the last defenseman, and ultimately starting swift counterattacks as the last defender (water-polo goalkeepers tend to have many assists). Also, do not forget to follow the schedule of matches, always watch the water polo broadcast or online streaming and do not forget to pay special attention to the results at the end! At the same time, keep in mind that no one can promise you a 100 percent success rate, so the decision is always yours.
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