Water Polo

In some ways, water polo is a swimming counterpart of handball. In the pool, there are 7 versus 7 participants. The purpose of the game is to toss the ball into the opponent's water-filled goal. Water polo is gaining popularity across the globe, although not as popular as football or baseball. In the United States, Australia, Italy, Croatia, Spain, and Hungary, 'wet handball' is particularly popular. is an online service that provides you with up-to-date information on the outcomes of matches taking place in Hungary and other countries, as well as events involving national teams, friendly matches, and national championships.

Water Polo results for today

In addition to providing readers with the outcomes of water polo matches, Scores24 also provides readers with a variety of additional information that could be of interest to them. gives you the ability to:
  • View the list of matches by water floor, organized by nations and championships, in live mode at any moment;
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The outcomes of live sporting events, including water polo, are tracked on the website, which is updated in real-time. Because fewer people watch and participate in this sport, the participants have an advantage over the bookies. Follow the live results on, investigate the line, investigate the statistics of matches, and the standings of the teams, monitor the change in odds and come up with precise predictions with the help of
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