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Snooker is a cue sport that rose to international fame in the 1970s. The most prestigious snooker tournament is the World Championship, which is held annually at the end of the sports season.
Rules of snooker: the basics
  • A snooker ball set consists of twenty-two unmarked balls (fifteen reds, six colour balls, and one white cue ball). At the start of the game, the red balls are arranged into a tightly packed triangle and the six colours are positioned at designated spots on the table.
  • Players take turns to strike the white cue ball with a cue so that it strikes the red and colour balls and causes them to sink into one of the six pockets. Whereby the colour balls must be returned on their own spots until all the reds are off the table.
  • The objective of the game of snooker is to score more points than one's opponent. If the opponents score the same number of points, the frame (individual game) is played out with one black ball.
  • The highest break that can be made, according to the rules, is 147 or 155, achieved by nominating the free ball as an extra red.

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