Snooker is a cue sport that began in British Army headquarters in India during the British colonial period. For all intents and purposes, it is watched by a large number of people, just like any sport that attracts a large number of fans and bookies. Some people watch it because it is a formal sport, while others wager on the game's chances. There are also several betting sites and platforms where you can quickly place bets on any market, but one place for best snooker predictions – Scores 24.
Scores 24 is dedicated to following this sport so that readers are well informed when it comes to the finest betting tips and bookmaker markets. We're constantly looking forward to the next big competition. Our free snooker predictions are based on extensive research in which we profile each of the players involved in a given match and determine their current form. The snooker analysis and picks are provided free of charge and are usually released in the days preceding up to a tournament or match.

The most important tournaments

You may have asked yourself, what are the most prestigious snooker tournaments in order, from the triple crown events to the rest below?
Here is the list of the most important tournaments from the biggest ones, to those, that are less important:
  • World championship;
  • The Masters and UK championship. Being the three triple crown events these have to be the top three in my opinion;
  • Champion of Champions, German Masters, China Open, UK Open;
  • Gibraltar Open, Shanghai Masters, Welsh Open, Grand Prix, etc.

How can I profit from snooker predictions?

The World Championship, Masters, and UK Championship are just a few of the major competitions that take place. Because there are often over a hundred participants on the field, our free snooker betting tips are certainly worth checking out. We may pick a few different players to win their particular matches, or we might place an accumulator bet that includes a number of rivals whose chances are all compounded together to good effect, allowing you to profit substantially from our free snooker predictions.
Punters can employ any technique they see suitable in order to ensure that whatever they are betting on will result in a victory and that they will benefit from our score predictions. This is the most crucial aspect of the game.
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