Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a popular online team shooter in which a counter-terrorist team attempts to neutralize a terrorist squad, according to the story. The game is well-liked all around the world and has a large following – and many bet predictions to make money from.
It is now also an e-sports discipline. It also implies that tournaments are held there, where players compete for championships and large sums of money. Major events, for example, have a prize pool of one million dollars. Although this is a significant number, it is not the upper limit for esports. With the rise in the popularity of e-sports No suprises more and more people are interested in CS:GO bet predictions.

What is important to know to make perfect bet?

To produce accurate CS:GO match predictions, you must first gather as much information and data as possible. The following things must be taken into account when making score predictions in this e-sport:
  • The significance of an event and the motive behind it. Every year, several Counter-Strike events are held. They differ in terms of status and prize pool size, both of which have a direct impact on team motivation;
  • The ranking of a team. It's some type of metric that indicates how good a team is at the moment. There are just a few websites that provide rates and create their own team toppers;
  • The history of the match. It enables you to see how in shape the players are and how they performed in previous contests;
  • A personal history of matches. It reveals how a team performed in a match against a certain opponent;
  • A player's individual profile. It allows you to examine each player's personal talents, such as shooting accuracy, weapon skill, kill and death statistics, and other factors.

Where can I look up analysis?

In the esports industry, there are a large number of esports analysts that look at the statistics from past matches and assess the status of each team and individual. To produce CS:GO bet predictions, a trained analyst gathers all available information about the forthcoming event and analyzes it thoroughly. Even the tiniest detail appears to be overlooked. You may always hire such experts, but you can also try your hand at CS:GO betting yourself. Scores 24 has got you covered with the best predictions for CS:GO available absolutely for free.
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