How popular is volleybal?

A net separates two teams of six players in volleyball. Each team seeks to out-score the other by grounding the ball. Volleyball was created in 1895 in the USA and quickly spread around the globe. And volleyball is growing in popularity, pulling millions of TV viewers and thousands to the courts. This sport is enjoyed by both sexes. Volleyball is becoming one of the most popular sports bets. The high stakes, exciting games, and variety of volleyball leagues and tournaments entice bettors. Volleyball betting tips are in demand as the sport develops in popularity. Scores-24 offers free volleyball betting tips and predicts volleyball leagues by country.

Volleyball leagues

It's not simple to know where to start betting if you want to learn how to crush every bet you put. It's tough to choose among the volleyball leagues in the world and events. Here is a selection of top tier volleyball leagues to start your betting journey:
  • The FIVB Men's World Championship is an international volleyball competition contested by members of the sport's governing organization (FIVB). The event has been held every four years since 1962;
  • The European Volleyball League is a men's volleyball tournament that debuted in 2004. The European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) organizes it, and it used to qualify for the FIVB World League until 2017;
  • The Volleyball Nation’s League is contested by members of the FIVB. The event was announced in October 2017 and began in May 2018. The Nation's League replaced the World League for men and the World Grand Prix for women;
  • Volleyball made its Olympic debut in 1964. In 1924, the game was played as a demonstration event at the Summer Olympics in Paris. A special tournament was staged in 1957 to promote the desire to make volleyball an Olympic sport.

Betting on Volleyball

Volleyball online betting is easy to learn. Many of the betting possibilities are similar to those available in other athletic events. While not all sportsbooks provide the same options, there are a few popular volleyball bets you can expect to see. For example, match bets and totals are two popular and suggested bets for novices. They're both simple to position without sacrificing any enjoyment. Also, they don't need much industry expertise at this level, so they're fantastic beginning places.
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