Isner J
Schwartzman D
Mektic N
Pavic M
May 15, 2022
12:00 PM

Prediction for Isner J / Schwartzman D vs Mektic N / Pavic M 15 May 2022

Match Preview

John Isner/Diego Schwartzman vs Nikola Mektic/Mate Pavic prediction. It may seem to some that this fight of the decisive stage of the Roman championship will not please with serious intrigue. However, we, in turn, will not make loud statements yet.All useful match information related to the match is published below.

H2H Stats and Previous Results

Isner J / Schwartzman D
Mektic N / Pavic M
0 wins
1 win
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Betting Tips: Isner J / Schwartzman D - Mektic N / Pavic M
Isner J / Schwartzman D has won given a games handicap of +3.5 in the last 4 Italy, Rome, ATP Men Double matches.
Bet: Handicap 1(+3.5)

Isner J / Schwartzman D: players overview

Isner and Schwartzman rocked the entire general public with bright performances, and there is no doubt that they will now perform together much more often. It is no secret that Diego and John have been friends for a long time, and it pleases the fact that thanks to this they quickly found mutual understanding on the court. The Americans are unlikely to be able to fight for the titles of major competitions on a permanent basis, but from time to time they will definitely declare themselves.

Mektic N / Pavic M: players overview

Mektic and Pavic, in turn, reached the final quite expectedly, since against the background of the vast majority of competitors they look very impressive. At the very start of the tournament, representatives of Croatia were in a little fever, but at a distance they still managed to gain a great move. It can be seen that compatriots are going to achieve excellent results in the French major, and so far everything goes to the fact that they will really implement their plans. In addition, the guys clearly want to return to the first line in the ranking of the best tennis players in the world, which also became an impetus for rapid progress.

Tournament grid

Isner J / Schwartzman D
Golubev A / Gonzalez M
Mektic N / Pavic M
Bolelli S / Fognini F
Isner J / Schwartzman D
Mektic N / Pavic M

Isner J / Schwartzman D Mektic N / Pavic M Prediction

Mektic and Pavic should easily finish this fight in their favor. The Croatian team has tremendous experience behind them, and we believe that he will leave the Italian capital with a trophy. Victory of Nikola and Mate with a handicap -1.5 is the best option for the match.

Bet on Match: Isner J / Schwartzman D vs Mektic N / Pavic M

Bet: Handicap(-1.5) Mektic N / Pavic M
Odds: 1.88*
*The odds is relevant at the time of publication of the prediction (May 15, 2022, 3:38 AM)

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