Pegula J
Routliffe E
Hradecka L
Niculescu M
August 6, 2022
4:00 PM

Prediction for Pegula J / Routliffe E vs Hradecka L / Niculescu M 6 August 2022

Match Preview

Jessica Pegula/Erin Rutliff vs Lucia Gradecka/Monica Niculescu prediction. A very curious sign was formed at the semi-final stage of the competition in Washington. And at first glance it seems that it will not come to defeat.Below we will talk in detail about the state in which the opponents approach the first head-to-head.

H2H Stats and Previous Results

Pegula J / Routliffe E
Hradecka L / Niculescu M
1 win
0 wins
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Pegula J / Routliffe E: players overview

Pegula with Rutliff scored a very good move on the North American continent. Although it cannot be said that they act flawlessly. The athletes dealt with Heather Watson and Sabrina Santamaria without unnecessary tension, and Xiu Wang and Yue Yuan had to tinker properly. The singles failure motivated Jessica to make rapid progress. Yes, and Erin perfectly copes with a secondary role. The immediate prospects of the international duo look quite bright, since it is not inferior to the remaining competitors.

Hradecka L / Niculescu M: players overview

Gradetskaya and Niculescu also did not do well to debug the interaction. However, in many aspects, it is still necessary to actively add. Lucia and Monica like to make life difficult for themselves in the moments that are responsible. So in no case should you loosen your grip. Nevertheless, representatives of Europe are able to win the trophy now, because they are in optimal condition. Among other things, the girls have tremendous experience behind them, which further confirms the above thesis.
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Pegula J / Routliffe E
Hradecka L / Niculescu M
Kalinskaya A / Mcnally C
Mertens E / Minnen G
Pegula J / Routliffe E
Kalinskaya A / Mcnally C

Pegula J / Routliffe E Hradecka L / Niculescu M Prediction

No one should be preferred in this meeting. The teams prepared about the same for the match, and there is every reason to believe that it will not do without a super tie-break. Total more - a priority option for the fight.

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