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Prediction for Mark Williams vs Julien Leclercq Snooker 25 November 2022

Match Preview

Mark Williams vs Julien Lerkerk prediction 25.11.2022. The match will take place as part of the qualifying round for the German Masters. This fight does not promise to be intriguing. And let's figure out if everything is really so unambiguous here.Below we will focus on all important factors that can significantly affect the development of events.

H2H Stats and Previous Results

Mark Williams
Mark Williams
4 frames
Julien Leclercq
Julien Leclercq
5 frames
0 wins
0 draws
1 win
German Masters
Mark Williams
Mark Williams
Julien Leclercq
Julien Leclercq
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Betting Tips: Mark Williams - Julien Leclercq

This block presents the statistical pattern Mark Williams and Julien Leclercq based on the latest games. This allows the user to find out the most likely outcomes in a match.

Single series
Mark Williams has won the 1st frame in 8 of the last 9 matches.
Bet:1st Frame W1
Julien Leclercq has won the 3st frame in 6 of the last 7 matches.
Bet:3rd Frame W2

Mark Williams: player overview

In the process of preparing the prediction for Williams, it is worth noting that he arrived in Leicester not in the best mood. Towards the end of October, Mark performed beautifully at the Northern Ireland Open (top 8), and in November he left the UK Championship as soon as possible. The Welshman has been close to the coveted trophy on numerous occasions this year. However, at crucial moments, the concentration failed over and over again. The athlete's immediate prospects also look rather vague. Although at first I was lucky with the lot.

Julien Leclercq: player overview

When forming a prediction for Leclerc, it is necessary to inform that he solves completely different problems. Last spring, Julien became the champion of the Q Tour, and at more prestigious competitions he looked helpless. The Belgian simply fails to provide significant resistance to skilled competitors, which is due to several reasons at once. It is worth starting with the fact that the athlete simply does not have the proper amount of experience in playing at a high level. And to end with the fact that he over and over again found himself in the unfavorable part of the net.
Best Odds
Best Odds

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Mark Williams Julien Leclercq Prediction

In the final part of the prediction for Williams - Lerlerk, we conclude that the match must end in defeat. Mark has palpable superiority in all key parameters on his side, and we expect him to break Julien's resistance relatively quickly. The victory of the representative of Wales with a handicap -2.5 is a priority option for this confrontation.

Bet on Match: Mark Williams vs Julien Leclercq

Bet: Handicap(-2.5) Mark Williams
Odds: 1.36*
*The odds is relevant at the time of publication of the prediction (November 24, 2022, 1:13 AM)

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