Bubba Jenkins vs Reinaldo Ekson Prediction 24 June 2022

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Bubba Jenkins vs Reynaldo Ekson prediction. Mixed-style fighters will meet on June 25 in the main card of the PFL 5 tournament. The opponents have 5 defeats in the pros, but the Brazilian has 1 more victory. In general, the rivals are worthy of each other, they will certainly show a beautiful fight. Let's think about what to expect from the welterweight representatives and what you can bet on.

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Bubba Jenkins: player overview

34-year-old Bubba Jenkins started his professional career in mixed style fights in 2011. The fighter has balanced skills, he was the champion of the NCAA first division, and at the same time he is doing well with his striking technique. Jenkins has a 17-5 record in his piggy bank, and most often (8 times) he won by a judicial decision. We also note Bubba's title in the Brave CF promotion (2018), and a good start to the current season in the PFL.

Reinaldo Ekson: player overview

33-year-old Brazilian Reynaldo Ekson has been playing professionally since 2012. Ekson has a record of 1 fight and 1 lunch more than Jenkins: 18 wins with 5 defeats. At the start of his career, Reynaldo fought in regional promotions, but since 2019 he has been regularly entering the octagon in the strongest league in Africa – EFC. In June last year, at EFC 86, the Brazilian took the championship belt, which he then successfully defended. Ekson got all 3 wins in the EFC by submission.

Bubba Jenkins Reinaldo Ekson Prediction

According to the level of the past opposition, Jenkins looks stronger, and the American can't help but like his diversity. But if Ekson chooses a competent gamplan and does not box with Bubba in the rack, he will have a chance of success. As Reynaldo's performances in the EFC have shown, he is dangerous in the stalls and can even overcome the former NCAA champion.

Bet on Match: Bubba Jenkins vs Reinaldo Ekson

Bet: Win Reinaldo Ekson
Odds: 3.05*
*The odds is relevant at the time of publication of the prediction (June 23, 2022, 10:06 AM)

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