January 15, 2022
1:00 PM

Gracjan Szadzinski vs Francesco Moricca Prediction 15 January 2022

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Gracjan Szadzinski vs Francesco Moricca prediction. The fighters will enter the octagon on January 15 as part of the KSW 66 main card. The Pole and the Italian do not look like dangerous rivals, both having lost half of the fights at the pro level. Let's figure out the actual form of the guys who have something to prove in the octagon. After analyzing the fighters, we will choose a reliable bet for a meeting in the intermediate weight.

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Gracjan Szadzinski: player overview

The 32-year-old Pole Gracjan Szadzinski has been performing at the pro level in MMA since 2013, and the KSW promotion signed the fighter in 2017. Gracjan has enough problems in wrestling on the ground, because his basic style is kickboxing. Szadzinski has a strong punch and cool combination work in the rack, having achieved 75% of victories by KO/TKO. In total, the Pole's pro record has 8 successes with 4 failures.

Francesco Moricca: player overview

Italian Francesco Moricca made his octagon debut in 2012, having compiled a 9-5-1 record during that time. Like Szadzinski, Morikka is a basic kickboxer who regularly performs in the basic discipline. In 2016, he even fought at Bellator Kickboxing, although he was knocked out by Raymond Daniel in 30 seconds. Compared to the upcoming vis-a-vis, the Italian has more balanced fighting and striking skills. But the guy has practically no knockout power, he earned 7 wins (78%) only by a judicial decision.

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Gracjan Szadzinski Francesco Moricca Prediction

Both fighters prefer to sort things out in the rack. No wonder, because the basic style is kickboxing. Morikka holds the punch well and combines in a stand, but the lack of knockout power is unlikely to allow him to be called a favorite of the fight. Therefore, in a duel of two drummers, we propose to bet on the victory of Szadzinski.

Bet on Match: Gracjan Szadzinski vs Francesco Moricca

Bet: Win Gracjan Szadzinski (inc. OT)
Odds: 1.3*
*The odds is relevant at the time of publication of the prediction (January 12, 2022, 7:18 AM)

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