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Bailey Schoenfelder vs Mark Currier Prediction 12 August 2022

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Bailey Schoenfelder vs Mark Carrier prediction, the fight will take place on 08.13.2022 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Two heavyweights have just started a pro career in MMA, while they have 2 fights to their credit. We will analyze the base of fighters and their strengths, after which we will decide on the optimal bet for a meeting in the Bellator 284 prelims.

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Bellator 284
Bailey Schoenfelder
Bailey Schoenfelder
Mark Currier
Mark Currier
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Bailey Schoenfelder: player overview

24-year-old American Bailey Schoenfelder (2-0) has been playing pro since 2021. After a great start in the octagon, when a fighter at LFA 108 knocked out a vis-a-vis at the 20th second, Bailey was invited to Bellator. In the second pro fight, Schoenfelder also did not disappoint – in August last year, he dealt with Corey Moegenburg in the first round through Ground & Pound. Bailey's strong point is definitely the knockout power, due to which the guy confidently dropped both opponents at the pro level.

Mark Currier: player overview

25-year-old American Mark Carrier (1-1) became a pro mixed martial artist at the end of last year. In the debut fight, Mark lost at MCF 21 at the end of the fight, but he rehabilitated in May at North Iowa Fights – a knockout in the second minute of the fight. The carrier is also not deprived of power and a one-time punch, but there may be questions about speed and protection in the stalls to the fighter.
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Best Odds

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Bailey Schoenfelder Mark Currier Prediction

Mark Carrier is almost 10 kg heavier than his opponent, but this is unlikely to make him faster and more creative than Bailey. Due to the footwork and mobility, the Schoenfelder must go to a convenient distance for himself in order to inflict another defeat on Mark in his career.

Bet on Match: Bailey Schoenfelder vs Mark Currier

Bet: Win Bailey Schoenfelder
Odds: 1.07*
*The odds is relevant at the time of publication of the prediction (August 11, 2022, 4:23 PM)

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