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Prediction for Schongau Mammuts vs Wanderers Germering, Ice Hockey, 25 September 2022

Match Preview

In the Club Friendly Games tournament, the Schongau Mammuts and Wanderers Germering teams will meet face to face. The match will take place on 25 September at 3:00 PM. We will examine the current state of the opponents.

H2H Stats and Previous Results

Schongau Mammuts
10 pucks
Wanderers Germering
3 pucks
1 win
0 draws
0 wins
Club Friendly Games
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Schongau Mammuts Wanderers Germering Prediction

Having analyzed every little detail that might affect the final result of the game, we managed to produce the most reliable forecast for you. There is little doubt Schongau Mammuts and Wanderers Germering are incredibly determined to finish the game in a good mood. So, one must be sure there is going to be a real fight for 3 points. As such, the best bet in the face-off in our humble opinion is

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Bet: Total Over(16)
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