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September 25, 2022
6:00 AM

Prediction for Japan vs Yokohama Grits, Ice Hockey, 25 September 2022

Match Preview

On 25 September at 6:00 AM in the Asia League tournament, Japan will try to defeat Yokohama Grits. We will analyze the latest results and the way the opponents play in this game.

H2H Stats and Previous Results

The last face-off took place on September 25, 2022 with the final score 7:1. In total, the teams played 1 games against each other. Today’s home team won 1 games and their opponents – Yokohama Grits – got the better 0 times. Goal average of 8 is also worth highlighting when the teams meet. Now let us analyze the teams’ performance in the latest games.
14 pucks
Yokohama Grits
2 pucks
2 wins
0 draws
0 wins
Asia League
Asia League
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Betting Tips: Japan - Yokohama Grits

This block presents the statistical pattern Japan and Yokohama Grits based on the latest games. This allows the user to find out the most likely outcomes in a match.

Sure things and H2H series
There have been Over 7.5 goals scored (in reg.time) in each of the last 4 Yokohama Grits in the Asia League games.
There have been Over 7.5 goals scored (inc. OT & SO) in each of the last 4 Yokohama Grits in the Asia League games.
Bet:Total Over(7.5)

Japan Review

The Japan team has clear problems in the game. Having won in total 3 with 1 defeats, it is difficult to calculate something higher than the 4 place in the tournament table. It should also be noted that their game is weak in their area and in the rival area, receiving 2.3 goals and scoring 1.8 goals on average per match. If they show their best hockey today, they can compete for the victory.

Yokohama Grits Review

In this season Yokohama Grits doesn’t stand out in anything special. Successful matches alternate with failures, hence the roughly equal number of victories and defeats: 3 and 1 respectively. Also, goals scored and conceded indicate the level of the team: 4.8 and 3.3 on average per match. All this does not allow them to climb above their 3 place in the tournament table. It's an unpredictable team that you can expect anything from in this game.
Best Odds
Best Odds

This block gives you the chance to analyze and select the optimal odds for the forthcoming event Japan and Yokohama Grits that is taking place. Odds are given by well-known legal bookmakers and are subject to vary in real-time depending on the outcome of the event and the number of participants.

> 6.5
< 6.5

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This block has the most up-to-date information on the championship standings. Users can view the current location of the teams and in the tournament and basic indicators.

Asia League 22/23
Anyang Halla
Anyang Halla
Nikko Kobe Ice Bucks
Nikko Kobe Ice Bucks
Yokohama Grits
East Hokkaido Cranes
Tohoku Free Blades
Tohoku Free Blades

Japan Yokohama Grits Prediction

We spent long hours studying the upcoming match from every possible angle. It became clear to us that the encounter between Japan and Yokohama Grits has many hidden but curious details. Now, with the most thorough data for the match, we have reached a conclusion that it make the most sense to bet on:

Bet on Match: Japan vs Yokohama Grits

Bet: Total Over(6)
Odds: 1.65*
*The odds is relevant at the time of publication of the prediction (September 23, 2022, 9:28 PM)
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