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Prediction for Ehc Waldkraiburg vs TEV Miesbach, Ice Hockey, 25 September 2022

Match Preview

On 25 September at 3:15 PM the Ehc Waldkraiburg team will host the TEV Miesbach team. The match will be held as part of the Club Friendly Games tournament. We will check the current state of the teams' gameplay.

H2H Stats and Previous Results

Ehc Waldkraiburg
2 pucks
TEV Miesbach
8 pucks
0 wins
0 draws
1 win
Club Friendly Games
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Ehc Waldkraiburg TEV Miesbach Prediction

We processed a large quantity of data for the upcoming match to put together our final forecast. We believe that helped us make a right decision. You have already had a chance to study some of it earlier. After making an in-depth analysis it became clear to us that a face-off between Ehc Waldkraiburg and TEV Miesbach is a very close one. Yet, our final betting choice in the upcoming game is as follows:

Bet on Match: Ehc Waldkraiburg vs TEV Miesbach

Bet: Total Over(10)
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