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Prediction for Chemnitz Chrashers vs ESC Dresden 1B, Ice Hockey, 24 September 2022

Match Preview

On 24 September at 5:00 PM in the Club Friendly Games tournament, teams Chemnitz Chrashers и and ESC Dresden 1B will face each other. We will try to find out who is the favorite in this match.

H2H Stats and Previous Results

Chemnitz Chrashers
4 pucks
ESC Dresden 1B
2 pucks
1 win
0 draws
0 wins
Club Friendly Games
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Chemnitz Chrashers ESC Dresden 1B Prediction

We spent long hours studying the upcoming match from every possible angle. It became clear to us that the encounter between Chemnitz Chrashers and ESC Dresden 1B has many hidden but curious details. Now, with the most thorough data for the match, we have reached a conclusion that it make the most sense to bet on:

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