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Prediction for BOOM Esports vs Hokori, Dota 2, 24 September 2022

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BOOM Esports vs Hokori prediction. September 24, 2022 is the fourth game day of the BTS Pro Series Season 12 tournament, where 9 teams from Southeast Asia battle it out for $40,000. On this page, we have prepared a prediction for BOOM Esports vs Hokori with a detailed breakdown of the encounter.

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BOOM Esports
BOOM Esports
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BTS Pro Series Southeast Asia
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BOOM Esports Review

Let's start with a prediction on BOOM Esports, who are the main contenders to win the current season of BTS Pro Series. The team can confidently be called the best in Southeast Asia due to their results both in the region and on the international stage. However, in this tournament BOOM has already managed to surprise in a bad way, losing one card against not the strongest opponent Army Geniuses.

Hokori Review

Let's move on to a prediction on Hokori, who are the only representatives of South America among the Asian teams. During the year the team has not shown the best results, which led to replacements in the lineup. Two months ago, Lumière and Thiolicor joined the team, thanks to which Hokori achieved the biggest success of their career - qualifying for The International 2022.
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Best Odds

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BOOM Esports Hokori Prediction

Hokori will immediately face their strongest opponent in their first match at the tournament. The Peruvian-Brazilian team is unlikely to match BOOM's level of play, despite showing outstanding results in South America. The only thing is that the Filipinos also need to approach the matches responsibly, avoiding cases like the one with AG. We believe that there will be no sensations in this encounter, so our prediction on BOOM Esports vs Hokori will be a win for the former.

Bet on Match: BOOM Esports vs Hokori

Bet: Handicap(-1.5) BOOM Esports
Odds: 1.96*
*The odds is relevant at the time of publication of the prediction (September 23, 2022, 5:33 AM)
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