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Prediction for Dziki Warshawa vs Basket Poznan, Basketball, 24 September 2022

Match Preview

Dziki Warshawa which matches are always exciting to watch, 24 September will meet Basket Poznan. We recall that the match is at 4:00 PM as a part of the Basketball Liga 1 tournament. Let’s figure out if the teams are in good shape before the coming match.

H2H Stats and Previous Results

Dziki Warshawa
Dziki Warshawa
62 points
Basket Poznan
Basket Poznan
54 points
1 win
0 wins
1 Liga
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Dziki Warshawa Review

The Basket Poznan team is one of the strongest in the playoff this season. It is all due to the results achieved: 0 wins and 0 loses. 0% victory and 3 position in the table. But to improve the situation in the coming match, it must win. We will see if it happens or not.

Basket Poznan Review

The team is among top-groups of the championship, the results confirm this: 0 wins and 0 losses. To the date, it has collected 0% victory in . It allows the team to have 3 position in the table. The good shape they showed in the last matches allows hope to the victory in the coming match.
Best Odds
Best Odds

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1 Liga 22/23
Rosa Radom
Rosa Radom
Dziki Warshawa
Dziki Warshawa
Mkks ZAK Koszalin
Mkks ZAK Koszalin
KK Polonia Bytom
KK Polonia Bytom
Basket Poznan
Basket Poznan
AZS Politechnika Opolska
AZS Politechnika Opolska

Dziki Warshawa Basket Poznan Prediction

So, here we are coming closer to make the final choice for the match between Dziki Warshawa and Basket Poznan. We'd like to emphasize right away that we have thoroughly studied all possible scenarios, that is why our prediction for this tie has a fair chance of being successful. Based on all the arguments mentioned above, we came to a reasonable understanding that the best option for this matchup is:

Bet on Match: Dziki Warshawa vs Basket Poznan

Bet: Total Over(144)

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