Panathinaikos Athens vs Olympiakos Pireaus Prediction 22 May 2021

Match Preview

A team match in the A1 Women Basketbal League tournament takes place on 22 May at 11:00 AM. Panathinaikos Athens will play on its hardwood against the Olympiakos Pireaus team, and we will try to find out which of the rivals has better chances to win.

H2H Stats and Previous Results

Before the match, the teams had 8 head to head matches. In them, Panathinaikos Athens with 1 was stronger, and Olympiakos Pireaus was that in 7 games. Despite the difference, the meeting is going to be stressful, and we will try to identify a favorite of the meeting.
Panathinaikos Athens
Panathinaikos Athens
541 points
Olympiakos Pireaus
Olympiakos Pireaus
744 points
3 wins
7 wins
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Betting Tips

  1. Has won in each of their last 16 A1 Women Basketbal League home games.
  2. Has not tied a draw in each of their last 83 games.
  1. Has won in 108 of the last 109 A1 Women Basketbal League games.
  2. Has not tied a draw in each of their last 109 A1 Women Basketbal League games.

Panathinaikos Athens Review

With 8 wins and 1 losses, at the moment, Panathinaikos BC is a championship leader. The team plays rather tough, and this strategy seems to produce almost good results. At the moment, the team has 0.8% victory, so it takes 1 position in the table.

Olympiakos Pireaus Review

The championship is uneven for the Olympiakos Pireaus team. The winning run that the team has 8 is alternating with the equally losing run, which is 1. The result is 2 positions in the table and 0.9% victory. Let’s see if it can stabilize its play and win.

Tournament grid

Olympiakos Pireaus
Olympiakos Pireaus
Panathinaikos Athens
Panathinaikos Athens

Panathinaikos Athens Olympiakos Pireaus Prediction

It is not always easy to make the final choice for a particular match - even after it has been analyzed top to bottom. But the duel meet of Panathinaikos Athens and Olympiakos Pireaus is not one of those. We managed to study this matchup from start to finish, and there is no sign of our prediction will suddenly turn out to be wrong. Undoubtedly, there is always a risk of losing, but in our case, the probability of the desired outcome significantly exceeds the possibility of a negative result. That is why our best option for this meeting is:

Bet on Match: Panathinaikos Athens vs Olympiakos Pireaus

Bet: Total Under(133.5)
Odds: 1.76*
*The odds is relevant at the time of publication of the prediction (May 21, 2021, 6:06 AM)